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Our WorkSTEPS program offers a series of ADA complaint employment tests that are scientific and objective. These tests establish baseline information on each candidate, and help insure that they are appropriately matched to the physical demands of the job they are being hired to perform. Information collected during these tests is invaluable to employers in both the hiring process and the post injury management of workplace injuries. A study conducted by the University of Massachusetts reveals that 10% of workers in America today are physically incapable of safely performing their job tasks, accounting for 75% of all expenses related to workplace injuries. WorkSTEPS identifies these at risk workers, protecting employees or prospective employees from unnecessary injuries, and protecting employers from the expense related to the prevented injuries.

What Can An Employer Expect From WorkSTEPS?

  • Cost Reductions: WorkSTEPS is a proven method of reducing expenses associated with workplace injuries. Employers currently utilizing WorkSTEPS comprehensive testing are reporting reductions of 50% from their previous year’s work injury costs, and some companies are experiencing reductions exceeding 80%.
  • Cost Effectiveness: By eliminating one carpal tunnel surgery, one back injury and one fraudulent claim per year, an employer could save as much as $84,000 or more in medical expenses and as much as $275,000 or more in other related costs.

Compliance & Quality

We realize that the timeliness and quality of drug testing equates to the quality and safety of your workplace. Our vision and mission is to provide you with fast and high quality drug testing. Therefore, we have developed the following procedures to insure that timeliness and quality remain high:

  • Pinnacle Health Technologies uses the latest in laboratory technology. In most cases drug test results will be available in 24 hours or less. This is true for all pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, random and post-accident testing.
  • Our Staff will respond quickly to your testing needs. Dr. Troy Hurst is our Laboratory Director, he will be happy to meet with you to review, discuss or assist you in developing your drug testing policies and procedures.
  • We believe it is our obligation to win your loyalty and provide you with great service. Our integrity and ethics are beyond reproach.

Pinnacle recognizes the important role our vendors and subcontractors play in the overall success of our business. We are proud to say that our laboratory, collection, background screening, and technology partners are the best in the business! Our laboratories are the most trusted and experienced in the industry and are integrated directly into are web site for a fast and seamless data transfer.

Pinnacle Health Technologies’ testing procedures are fully accredited by the Commission and Inspection and Accreditation of Laboratories of the College of American Pathologies (CAP) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and mental Health Services Administration (HHS/SAMHSA).


Pinnacle Health Technologies maintains a high standard of confidentiality with all testing. The strictest guidelines are followed concerning persons with AIDS and HIV infection.

About Pinnacle Health Technologies

Pinnacle Health Technologies is a one-call provider for all employee screening needs. We are a local walk-in laboratory facility that is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We have collection sites all across the United States to provide your company’s various locations with nearby fast efficient service. All documentation is done by our office and results are delivered with 24 hours from collection (GC/MS confirmation may require and additional 24 to 48 hours). Results can be telephoned, faxed, mailed, emailed or accessed online by a designated recipient established by your company. Because we have a one centralized location, you get quick answers to any questions with a single call. When it comes to the drug testing process, we are fast, flexible and accurate.


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