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It is the mission of Pinnacle Health Technologies to provide you with the highest quality of employment testing available at a competitive price and in a timely and efficient manner. It is our goal to help keep your business competitive through the reduction of work-related injuries/accidents and the costs associated with those injuries/accidents.

Pinnacle Health Technologies specializes in D.O.T and Non-D.O.T drug testing with urine and hair samples, management of random drug testing programs, D.O.T and Non- D.O.T physicals, job-specific physicals (WorkSTEPS) and breath alcohol tests. Criminal background checks are also available.

Drug screening has become a necessity for businesses everywhere and a reduction in the turnaround time of the results means real dollar savings for clients who want to keep employees productive on the payroll, rather than waiting for test results. Since we collect specimens and process drug tests-on-site at 1501 North Elm in Denton Texas, utilizing state of the art testing equipment, we are able to get a report to you by the next business day if specimens are in our office by 5:00 p.m. The results for the out of Denton collections are reported in 24-48 hours. Our reporting procedures are via fax, mail, email and online.

Our management of the random testing program removes the employer from the liability related to the selection process. Our computer makes the random selections for the employer, and each candidate receives notification of the random test from our office on our letterhead.

Pinnacle Health Technologies is equipped to implement pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, random and post-accident drug screening. There are no extra fees associated with on-site collections or establishing and maintaining a random testing program.

Third Party Administration
We specialize in providing large and small companies alike with a one stop shop idea. We can manage the whole program for you at no extra charge. We do not charge administration fees or any additional fees. We run your random programs and set up your various locations with nearby sites for DOT and Non DOT drug screening, physicals, breathe alcohol testing, etc.

We do all the work and send you just one bill for the services rendered with MRO services included. We customize every account to fit the individual needs of each client. We also provide a website: www.pinnaclediagnostics.com you can log on to with your personal password and download your test results if you prefer.

Outline of Testing Procedures
All collections are performed following the guidelines set forth by the United States Department of Transportation 49 CFR Part 40 “Urine Specimen Collection Handbook for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs” published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. A chain of custody for each specimen to be tested will be established and maintained through the testing of the specimen. Split specimen procedures will be adhered to with specimens labeled as such. Every effort is made to minimize the number of technicians handling the specimens.

Procedures for collecting urine specimens will allow for individual privacy unless there is reason to believe that a particular individual may adulterate the specimen. When an individual arrives at the collection site, the technician will request photo identification (driver’s license) and the social security card. If the identity of the individual cannot be established, the collection will not occur. Individuals will be asked to remove any unnecessary outer clothing (coats, jackets) that might conceal an adulterant. The technician will secure any personal belongings such as a purse or briefcase; the individual may retain his or her wallet.

The individual shall urinate into a collection container and provide at least 60 ml of urine. The technician will pour 30 ml of urine into one container to be used as the primary specimen. The remainder will be stored until the results are ready. If the test result of the primary specimen is positive, the employee may request the split specimen be tested by a different certified laboratory. This request will be honored if made within 72 hours of the employee having been notified of a positive test result.

Random Testing
Our management of the random testing program removes the employer from the liability related to the selection process. Our computer program makes the random selections for the employer, and each candidate receives notification of the random test from our office on our letterhead.

Adulterated Specimens
Individuals attempting to interfere with, mask or dilute urine specimens containing drugs do so by adulterating or substituting the urine sample. Specimen adulteration can occur by either internal or external means. Internal adulteration refers to substances that are ingested either knowingly or unknowingly which may influence the drug result. External adulteration refers to the addition of a substance into the urine by the donor during or immediately following urination into a collection container. Many of these substances are easily detected because of physical properties such as color or odor. Other substances may not be detected without additional analysis. Our testing protocol identifies adulterants that interfere with the testing process, allowing you to make informed personnel decisions.

About Pinnacle Health Technologies

Pinnacle Health Technologies is a one-call provider for all employee screening needs. We are a local walk-in laboratory facility that is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We have collection sites all across the United States to provide your company’s various locations with nearby fast efficient service. All documentation is done by our office and results are delivered with 24 hours from collection (GC/MS confirmation may require and additional 24 to 48 hours). Results can be telephoned, faxed, mailed, emailed or accessed online by a designated recipient established by your company. Because we have a one centralized location, you get quick answers to any questions with a single call. When it comes to the drug testing process, we are fast, flexible and accurate.


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