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All training programs meet 49CFR Part 40 requirements of the Department of Transportation. We have certified instructors as well as certified collectors to collect urine and hair samples and breath alcohol testing. It is mandatory that all technicians be instructed how to properly collect the specimen and fill out the federal and non-federal chain of custody forms to ensure error reduction.

Pinnacle understands the importance of proper and effective training. Our trainers are experienced and knowledgeable, and provide clients the in-depth training they need to successfully implement and manage their employee screening programs.

We offer our clients the training necessary to successfully manage their employee screening programs. As a service to our clients, pinnacle offers the following classroom training sessions:

  • DER/Communicator (Free of Charge): DER stands for “Designated Employer Representative.” This person is responsible for receiving their company’s drug and alcohol test results, and communicating substance abuse policy and program requirements to company employees. This comprehensive course educates the DER/Communicator on related duties, program administration, forms, procedures, and rules and regulations. DER/Communicator Training is offered in several ways, including online, classroom style, and via teleconference.
  • Supervisor Awareness: This course details the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probable substance abuse (drugs/alcohol), and covers supervisor guidelines associated with reasonable suspicion testing (fulfills consortium and DOT requirements). This three hour session fulfills Consortium and DOT requirements. Supervisor Awareness Training is offered two ways. Classroom style at a Pinnacle facility or on-site at the client’s facility.
  • Employee Education Training: This course provides employees with detailed information about the risks associated with alcohol and substance abuse. This one hour course fulfills consortium and DOT requirements. Employees Education Training is offered two ways. Classroom style at a Pinnacle facility or on-site at the client’s facility.
  • Drug and Alcohol Collector Training: Breath Alcohol: This course teaches the proper methods, procedures, and techniques required to properly operate an alcohol screening device and provide accurate collections. This four hour course is offered classroom style.
  • Drug and Alcohol Collector Training: Specimen Collection: This course teaches the proper methods and procedures required for certification as a urine specimen collector. This four hour course is offered classroom style.
  • Staying on Top of DOT Regulations: This course includes an overview of the major elements in 49 CFR Part 40 and point of collections testing. This 4 hour course is offered classroom style.

About Pinnacle Health Technologies

Pinnacle Health Technologies is a one-call provider for all employee screening needs. We are a local walk-in laboratory facility that is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We have collection sites all across the United States to provide your company’s various locations with nearby fast efficient service. All documentation is done by our office and results are delivered with 24 hours from collection (GC/MS confirmation may require and additional 24 to 48 hours). Results can be telephoned, faxed, mailed, emailed or accessed online by a designated recipient established by your company. Because we have a one centralized location, you get quick answers to any questions with a single call. When it comes to the drug testing process, we are fast, flexible and accurate.


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